Under-the-Radar Braces Treatment

While the metal braces we use at our practice are smaller and more streamlined than ever before, we understand that not everyone wants their orthodontic treatment to be obvious. That’s why one of our most popular types of braces for adults and older teens are clear braces. Clear braces, or ceramic braces, work just like metal braces but they’re much less noticeable. Read on to learn more or to find out if you’re a candidate for clear braces in Thornton, Colorado, schedule a complimentary consultation at Shine Orthodontics today!

What are Clear Braces?

Ceramic braces, also called clear braces, work similarly to metal braces in that they use a series of brackets and wires to straighten your teeth. Each bracket is attached to a tooth, and a wire connects the brackets together. This wire then acts as a track to gently guide your teeth into proper alignment for a more beautiful smile.

Unlike metal braces, however, the brackets are not made of metal but rather a clear, ceramic material that blends in with your teeth. This makes braces less noticeable. For some patients, this helps them smile more confidently all throughout their treatment.

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