Orthognathic surgery is a surgery to reposition the jaws, and it is done by an oral surgeon. This surgery first requires orthodontic treatment to position the teeth so that everything fits together properly when the jaws are repositioned. If you are interested in orthognathic surgery in Thornton, Colorado, contact us today for a free consultation with Dr. Brandon Scheer by calling 303-452-7777.

Many people have a slight degree of jaw imbalance, which can be compensated for with orthodontic treatment alone. However, there are rare instances when the jaws are too misaligned, making it impossible to get a good result without orthognathic surgery. If this is the case, orthodontic decompensation is required prior to the surgery.

Decompensation refers to the process of straightening the teeth and putting them all in the correct orientation within the jawbones. After the orthodontic decompensation, the patient is referred to an oral surgeon to reposition the jaws. Then, our orthodontist can make all the final adjustments to give you a perfectly fitting bite.

People often seek orthognathic surgery to improve the aesthetics of their face as well as correct their bite. The most common instances where somebody can benefit from orthognathic surgery are:

  • Deficient growth of the lower jaw, causing a deficient chin and excessive convexity to the person’s face
  • Deficient growth of the upper jaw, causing an underbite and a concave look to the person’s face
  • Excessive vertical growth of the jaws, causing a long-face appearance
  • Crossbites in adults. In children, we can expand the upper jaw to correct crossbites, but we lose the ability to do this as a person gets older
  • Airway and sleep-disordered breathing problems. Surgically repositioning the jaws can open the airway and correct airway and breathing problems without the need for a CPAP or dental splint

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